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Customer Testimonials

1. "I was really impressed with your craftmanship. The guns you make are amazing! Thank you!" - P. H. Wells - San Diego, CA

2. "Very cool spearguns and products. I have never seen anything like your guns. What a work of art." - M. Stockton - Santa Rosa, CA

3. "Your spear guns are truly works of art. They are most definitely original. That is not so easy a thing with spearguns." - Spearotiki - CA

4. "I am realy impressed with your guns!!! It is fantastic gun made with true craftmanship that I am very proud to own and very happy. I am amazed at how well balanced the gun (performance) is and maneuverable in the water. The aim is dead on! The gun is far above and beyond my wildest expectations! Realy very very nice! Everyone I show it to just goes nuts admiring it." - D. Willmoth - Boca Raton, FL

5. "Your accessory products work excellent." - A. La Sala - Walnut Creek, CA

6. "One of the most beautiful guns I ever saw. I am in the market of purchasing a speargun that I can use for a very long time, and seems like I found a very unique gun that will not only perform but I can also fish in style." - C. Markos - CA

7. "The craftsmanship on the magnetic slip spear tip is great and well suited for big fish. I just want to thank you." - D. Silvera - San Carlos, CA

8. "I love this gun.� It is perfectly�balanced and the quality is second to none. It shoots like a dream!" - G. R. Tarr - Saint Petersburg, FL

9. "You make nice spearguns." - A. Germidis - France

10. "I just took a look at your spearguns, I have no idea why I have not seen them before. They are really wonderful." - M. Korf - San Carlos, CA

11. "The slip tips look incredible. Your workmanship is way above everything I've seen out here in California!" - G. Roller�- Citrus Heights, CA

12. "The workmanship and the design on the speargun exceeded my expectations. Lot's of great ideas in the way the gun is rigged. I appreciate all the work and craftsmanship you put into this multi-generation hunting device." - M. Narachi Santa Barbara, CA

13. "Today I received my gun, absolutely gorgeous, spectacular! I have no words to describe it. It is beautiful!" - T. Agai - Burbank, CA

14. "I want to say it again, your guns are amazing." - S. Rahal - Dakar, Senegal - Africa

15. "I just got my gun. It`s absolutely beautiful. I don`t think I`ll ever get tired of looking at it. It look powerful and it mean business!" - R. Azcona - Okeechobee, FL

16. "I have seen my spear gun today and the only thing I can say is .....WAhooooo!!! What a work of art, everything in this spear gun is perfectly machined! Thank`s for your professionalism and the soul that you give to your work..." - G. Respinger - Cabertone, France

17. "I was really happy, when I saw the beautiful work, you have done! Congratulations!" - H. Laschzok - Pollegio, Switzerland

18. "The gun is something amazing- great, fantastic, you are magician, really it`s wonderful." - S. Mainetti - Monaco

19. "Just wanted to let you know now much I appreciate the magnificent gun you created for me - A thing of beauty is a joy forever." - B. Mossman - Greenland, NH

20. "I just wanted you to know how pleased I am, to be able to use one of your guns. They are "work of art" and they are very effective. It has and will provide me much pleasure. Thanks again." - R. Anderson - Colorado Springs, CO



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