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Building the Gun
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Building the Gun


My guns are constructed and created in the style of the traditional Australians and South African spear guns.

Based on professional experience, I firmly believe that wood lamination gives the wood assembly more strenghth and durability then that of single wood stock.

Cork screwThat is why I choose to make the guns using laminated aged Burmeese Teak and accented it with Ash for increased strength and aesthetic appearance.

Starting with selected dense, straight grain stock plank (aged well over 20 years) and going through the following processes:

Planed down to size, additionally cured, laminated and glued in opposite grain directions to increase stability.

After Up the barrelmachining all profiles, contours and radiuses, the stock is hand carved and sanded to the desired shape and dimensions.

Then the wood stock is saturated in 3 consequent steps with liquid epoxy sealer. Followed by hand sanding between applications with fine sand paper to achieve perfectly smooth surface finish.

For the final protective finish, the stock is coated several times with a marine Envirotex UV-Epoxy that creates a long-lasting hard coat finish.

All the hardware, muzzle, handle, reel etc., are then mounted and assembled into the spear gun stock. Finally, after balancing, the product is complete. Unlike most manufacturers, my spear guns come pre-balanced and ready to use!


Down barrelMy spear guns are made with a fully encapsulated polyethylene guide track assuring accuracy, noise reduction and eliminating spear vibration.

The guide tracks are machined from Polyethylene material known as Tivar®*. This material provides specific versatility, not found in any other industrial polymers. It has characteristics which make it much more durable and superior to any other materials used by spear gun producers.

Rear finTivar has one of the lowest co-efficients for friction (0.12) which is very close to Teflon (0.08) and much less then that of Delrin (0.32) – the one wildly used in making custom spear guns. Tivar displays excellent high shock strength, has high-abrasion resistance and outwears steel 6 to 1. It is chemical resistant, non-absorbent and assists smooth flow.

*Tivar® is a registered trademark of Menesa Corporation.


MuzzlesEvery one of my spear guns are equipped with a built-in reinforced stainless steel muzzle. Constructed from laser cut 1/4" thick stainless steel plate to provide additional support and strength to the rubber band's channel. This allows adding more bands without effecting the structural integrity on the wood stock.

The muzzle also has an added extension wich can be used as an anchoring point on the shooting cable – used in competitions or commercial spear fishing.


HandleThe gun handles I make are the only ones constructed in stainless steel. The handle frame was laser cutted 1/4" stainless steel plate with added side grips. These side grips are crafted from rock-hard commercial grade Buna-N-Rubber black rubber with a hardness durometer of 70. The handle shape was designed and created in a manner to provide a more friendly and anatomically/ergonomical feeling. The side grips are cut from solid rock hard rubber plate then individually carved and sculpted until reaching the desired comfortable hand/palm feel.

Specially designed slip-resistant grooves are machined on the sides of the rubber grips.


For the trigger mechanism on the spear gun I chose the Alexander trigger. This mechanism is proven to be superior for its durablilty, strength and handling.

TriggerIt is very light, short trigger pull, assuring smooth operation, which is essential when using multiple-band high-power spear guns.

The trigger mechanism manufactured by Alexander comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects or failure during normal usage with properly-matched spear shafts.

Alexander's modular design trigger mechanism is constructed from solid 316 grade stainless steel providing exceptional performance.

This is quite a difference from the press punch formed sheet metal trigger devices used by many "big name" mass production manufacturers.


The spear shafts by Mori are made from 17-4 grade spring Stainless Steel and heat treated to a hardness of 46 Rockwell. The shafts are threaded with a 5/16" x 24 fine threads to accept the spear tips or spear tip adapter.

Front viewAll 5/16" diameter shafts are equipped with 3 cocking tabs (fins) for loading the rubber bands wish bone cords. The 3/8" diameter shafts are equipped with 4 cocking fins for the additional bands on the longer/larger guns.

Mori's shafts are specially manufactured with precision in straightness (capable of reaching maximum deviation of .005"). Results like this are non-existent in the process used by other manufacturers.


The Channel/Island spear gun (58"), Performance (60"), and Blue Fin (65") guns are constructed with permanently attached, specially designed side stock (delta wing) stabilizers.

Front delta wingsThe Channel/Island (58") spear gun is equipped only with front muzzle (delta) wing side stabilizer. This wing design provides more stability and (at the same time) aligns the power bands in parallel line with the spear shaft.

Air wingPerformance (60") and Blue Fin (65") guns are constructed with the same front muzzle (delta) wing and a specially profiled rear stabilizing wing stock in order to improve stability and accuracy.


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