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My involvement in the sport of diving started from an early age in my life.

I designed, developed and built my first spear gun when I was only 15 years old. Starting with a model, which I carved from plaster of Paris, then the local boat propeller's shop cast it in marine bronze. Even by today's standard the design was very unique. It had only one moving part, functioning as both the spear latching mechanism and trigger release.

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Needless to say, years later I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. In the 80's I managed and ran a dive shop in the Florida Keys. That allowed me to engage in my favorite activities - spear fishing and underwater photography.

During that time, I also developed a very powerful liquid CO2-powered spear gun.

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Later, during my employment working as a corporate engineer, I was involved in development and manufacturing on a variety of specialty products for the Defense, Aero-Space and Medical Industries.

Working in this position enabled me to establish many contacts and good professional relations to a number of specialty shops. These shops provide services in laser/water jet cutting, micro welding, precision machining, which is essential in the support of manufacturing certain components for my product.

In the years after, I have been traveling and diving around the world - from the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean to the Mediterranean, Adriatic and including the Black Sea. This gave me opportunity to meet with a lot of spear fishermen, to exchange opinions and ideas on improvements in spear fishing equipment.

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Currently I am devoting all my time to my main objective: to develop, design and produce exceptional spear guns and equipment. My products are made for the discriminative spear gun enthusiast – the one who is looking for that unique custom made specialty equipment. I am striving to manufacture and produce a unique product, which will combine the esthetics with the best materials and structural design innovations.

All of this is what makes Hamilton Spear Guns unique and held to the highest professional standards, that I am proud to bear my signature.

Jordan Hamilton

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